Our mission is to maximize the well-being, wealth, opportunity and longevity for all QTIPOC in cybersecurity.

Source Code to Success

Hacking the Workforce explores partnerships with community groups and allies who not only believe in our vision, but also reflect it through action. People who can help us achieve our vision by promoting financial literacy as a means to achieve economic independence, and others who support various mental health and wellbeing, as well as training and education initiatives.

Our partners

Safi Mojidi

Founder &
Executive Director

The equality that I envision can only be achieved by standing up against all forms of oppression, exclusion, and discrimination in the world, in our communities, and within ourselves. We must all speak out against all forms of systemic injustice, regardless of its form in our communities, board rooms, and within ourselves in order attain true equality and security for all. 

Safi Mojidi

How does our community feel about HtW?

“In less than two months, Hacking the Workforce has completely change my outlook on obtaining a job in cyber. ”
Kelly Royster
Network Security
"It has been so important to see others with intersection identities in this field. Before now, I felt so isolated."
Jana Milson
Security Engineer
"After being tech adjacent for many years, I finally got my foot in the door to a career in cyber because of Hacking the Workforce."
Trent Williams
Compliance Specialist