Hacking the Workforce is a non-profit organization committed to empowering and employing QTIPOC individuals in cybersecurity. Our mission is to promote representation and visibility of QTIPOC in the field by building a community that centers those who live at the intersection.

Safi Mojidi


Black and brown people in tech more than likely have some type of individual, intersectional identity that most organization cannot speak to being able to support or nurture because it’s not visible, as a result We are co-creating employment opportunities for QTIPOC to move from empowered to employed in cybersecurity. 

Safi Mojidi

From Empowered to Employed

We understand the importance of representation and visibility for QTIPOC individuals in cybersecurity. We are creating a pipeline of cyber talent, prepared and empowered to succeed as underrepresented black and brown leaders in technology. We are committed to  while reducing the cyber workforce gap.

Our partners

Hear from the People !

“In less than two months, Hacking the Workforce has completely change my outlook on obtaining a job in cyber. ”
Kelly Royster
Network Security
"It has been so important to see others with intersection identities in this field. Before now, I felt so isolated."
Jana Milson
Security Engineer
"After being tech adjacent for many years, I finally got my foot in the door to a career in cyber because of Hacking the Workforce."
Trent Williams
Compliance Specialist
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