Safi Mojidi, Founder

Safi Mojidi (he/him) is a cybersecurity professional almost two decades of experience in the industry. He is a currently a Senior Technical Program Manager at Slack, where he strategically aligns and unblocks security-related enterprise programs. He specializes in leading technical teams through secure product launches that balance desired functionality and security concerns. Safi is committed to raising the visibility of underrepresented people in cybersecurity. As the founder of Hacking the Workforce, he prioritizes encouraging a collaborative commitment to ensuring equitable opportunity to employment in cyber security. As a doctoral student, his research examines the relationship between the increase in smartphone usage by non-white Americans and their perceptions of privacy preservation.  Safi serves as board member, and the Director of Partnerships of Trans Tech Social Enterprises. Safi played D1 NCAA basketball, represented his native country on the Nigerian National Basketball team, and retired as a semi-pro Hall of Fame football player with the D.C. Divas

Shea Waldron, Strategic Advisor

Shea Waldron (they/them) is VP of Client Success at Hustle, where they work to support movements through technology. Shea has focused on mobilizing resources and implementing innovative tech solutions for gender justice and LGBTQI+ rights organizations on five continents for over a decade. As part of the Women Win team, they launched the International Guide to Designing Sport Programs for Girls, an open-source, wiki-style knowledge sharing platform. They are a White House LGBTQ Tech and Innovation Fellow and co-author of FRIDA Fund’s Resource Mobilization Toolkit for Girls, Young Women and Trans Youth. Shea played NCAA basketball, holds a BA in Politics from Whitman College, and is an alum of the THNK School of Creative Leadership.