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black population in the us
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Black people in tech
Open cyber jobs in the us

Playbook for success

Hacking the Workforce aims to create a pathway for Black LGBTQ+ individuals into fruitful careers in cybersecurity.  We provide meaningful networking opportunities tha

Professional Development

Fostering a growth mindset as the cornerstone of our members development and success. Helping members unlock the "the power of yet". We provide and help locate resources and sources of career information.

Career Counseling

Discovery of factors influencing your career development. This includes assessing interests, abilities, and values to determine next steps and develop a plan to achieve your goals.


Our apprenticeship programs equip our members with paid specialized on the job cybersecurity training, while also addressing the workforce gap in cybersecurity.

"I was first introduced to Hacking the Workforce in the spring of 2019. During that time, unable to land a job in software engineering. I had a bachelor's degree in communications, but was unable to land a full time job in software engineering. We discussed how some of my software engineering skills could be applicable to cybersecurity. I was provided with crucial information that helped me navigate and overcome some of the challenges of getting a full time job in the tech industry. I now have my Masters Degree, and a great job in the field. Thank you, Hacking the Workforce, for changing my life."
Trent Williams
HtW Program Participant